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All Jerseys

Kingman offers HI-Grade Apparel, ranging from countries to strictly rooted cultures. All pieces... 

  • Roots

    This grassroots brand thrived at festivals like Reggae on the River, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Cali Roots Fest, Monterey Bay Reggae Fest, Island Reggae Fest, PIFA, and Pure Aloha, just to name a few. It became more than just a clothing company, it transformed not only into a movement, but a culture and a family.

  • One People

    Kingman is not just a brand, but a culture, a community, and a family. When you see your fellow kings & queens with our crown on their chest, let it represent One Unity, One Family, and One Love.

  • Culture

    Kingman sets a pace to continuously evolve and spread positivity, while exemplifying a respect and value to the roots culture movement. It is in unity through progression, commitment, integrity and sharing the upmost vibes that Kingman Strictly Roots + HI Grade Apparel will continue to sustain.